The Magnetic House puts language learning into the hands of children! As children play, they learn vocabulary for the rooms of the house, family members, furniture and household items. The Magnetic House is also fun reading practice for native speakers of either language.

The Magnetic board:

  • Engages children physically as they manipulate the magnets.
  • Is multi-sensory. Children see and touch the figures and hear the language.
  • Encourages creative play.
  • Is effective for language learners or native speakers.
  • Can be adapted for learners at different levels.
  • Teachers and parents can use the Magnetic House for dozens of language activities. Perfect for both Spanish and English speakers, this versatile toy is a must-have for every bilingual class and home!

    The set includes:

  • A bright magnetic board.
  • 34 magnetic figures.
  • 80 magnetic words in Spanish and English.
  • A bag with handles for storing and carrying all the material.

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    How to use it?

    actividades en linea

    actividades con el tablero (PDF)

    Common core standards correlated to "La casa"

    La casa - Correlacions Part 1 (PDF)

    La casa - Correlacions Part 2 (PDF)

    La Casa en clase de la maestra Soraya. - La Casa in Soraya's class.

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