Parents, example for their children

Learning diary, what parents can share with their children is part of life. Being able to have time, and share is a positive factor in their development. It is said that this is not the quantity but the quality that makes children share with their parents and achieve great values. The example that parents give to their children every day is supremely important, for their life. Moreover, if a child sees that his father read a book, or read the newspaper, it will be normal for him to take a story book and read it. They follow the example of their fathers.

My best friend is a laborious person, when he has to build a table; he just goes to the supermarket, buys all the materials. Therefore, he just builds it. When he has to paint the house or repair the bathroom he just does it. One day I asked him, how you learn to fix things? He answers to me, I saw that my father always do all at home. He had tools and repairs everything that needs it to. He repairs the car, and things of the house that needed arrangement. Additionally, if I didn't know how to do something, I look at a book and learn how to do it. It was a response that I found very wise. The example that he had acquired from his father was very important, in his human development and in his behavior as a parent. Now my friend as a father, transmit knowledge to his children everyday. There's no need to memorize or learn everything. He always says, you just have to know where to look for information.

Be able to develop activities with our children is very important. Activities such as making home works, read a story, fix the garden, paint, dance, sing, swim and go to the park. Enrich the trust and intertwined links between parents and children. Also, develops children with self-esteem and family values such as love.

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